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Tuesday 11 November 2014

Fireplaces – this time it’s personal. About a romance and homeliness of an open fire.

Fireplaces – this time it’s personal 

My partner, bless her, is always going on about the romance and homeliness of an open fire. We don’t have one, you see. What we do have is a gas fire that is fed by a pair of unsightly orange bottles that look like two unexploded 500lb bombs at the side of the house. We live in Northern Ireland. Mains gas is still a novelty and although it is slowly creeping out around the country, the first mains to be laid serviced the wealthy metropolitan areas, not out here in the wilds. Like most people around here, we rely on kerosene to fuel our central heating. When the wind is howling off the North Atlantic (next landfall North is Iceland!), you need it too. 

Her yearning for the open fire is based, I suppose, on memories of her Irish childhood, with the fire glowing peacefully in the grate, dogs lying comatose in front of it, the sweet pungency of turf smoke scenting the air. What she might have forgotten is that someone had to clean that fire out and lug buckets of filthy ash outside to be disposed of. Or that someone had to stagger in with a bucket of turf or coal and keep the blessed thing going. When you could get it going, that is. 

Nonetheless, I understand her longing for a real flame, particularly now that we’re properly into winter (for those who don’t know it, the Northern Ireland calendar runs January, February, March, March, March, April, September, October, October, November, November, December …) and those longer nights are a bit nippy. The fireplace has always been the centre of the home, as I have pointed out in previous blogs, and she’s quite right to hanker after that special ambience and cosiness a real fire brings. Maybe she’s a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, who maintained strong view about the role of the hearth in the family home. 

Ever since those earliest hearths, those first controlled flames that brought comfort to our ancestors, upkeep of the fireplace has been an important part of the domestic routine. Not just the gathering of combustible materials but keeping the fireplace clean and free of obstructions to maximise its effects. The benefits of the fireplace were obvious. The downside was the upkeep. As human beings congregated in towns and cities, the combined outpourings of so many domestic and industrial cities became a hazard in itself. But there was no alternative cleaning out the fire and lugging the ash out for disposal. It was a necessary evil. Unless you lived in Downton Abbey, of course, and had the downstairs staff attend to it while you shot some peasants. I mean pheasants. 

Well, joy of joys, there is a way to enjoy all the physical and spiritual comfort a real flame affords without the endless burden of fetching and cleaning. A Bio Fire gives you all the advantages without the mess and bother. Styles to match your living space décor, portable or permanent and no fuss. What could be nicer? 

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